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Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Warnings 

  1. Never charge a lithium polymer battery with a charger designed for NiCad, NIMH or any other type of battery chemistry. Use ONLY charger designed for LiPo battery. 
  2. Do not leave LiPo battery unattended during charging. 
  3. Do not over-charge the battery. 
  4.  Always place the battery on a heat resistant surface alone when charging. 
  5.  Always put the LiPo battery inside a charging protection container while charging. 
  6. Do not allow LiPo cells to overheat at any time. Cells which reach greater than 140 Fahrenheit (60 C) will usually become damaged and will catch fire. 
  7. Do not allow LiPo cells on or near combustible materials including paper, plastic, carpets, vinyl, leather, and wood, inside an R/C model or full size automobile. 
  8.  Do not over discharge LiPo, doing so will damage the battery (Never below 3.7v per cell)
  9. Do not expose LiPo cell to water or moisture at any time. 
  10. Do not store battery near open flame or heater. 
  11. Do not assemble LiPo cells or pre-assembled packs together with other LiPo cells or packs. 
  12. Always store LiPo battery in a secure location away from children. 
  13. Always remove the LiPo battery if model is involved in any kind of crash. Carefully inspect the battery and connectors for even the smallest damage. CAUTION: cells may be hot! 
  14. Do not allow the electrolyte to get into eyes or on skin. Wash affected areas immediately if they come into contact with electrolyte. Do not alter or modify connectors or wires of a LiPo battery pack.
  15.  Always inspect the condition of the battery before charging and operating. 
  16. Do not short circuit the LiPo battery 
  17. Do not have contact with a leaky/damaged battery directly. 
  18. Do not charge battery out of recommended temperature range (oC-45C)