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Warranty, Disclaimers., Flying and Operators Safety, Trouble Shooting, Setting Up and Basic Flight Training.

To link to your drone and install the necessary software for Calibration and setting your GeoFence please click here for the latest Tarot ZYX-M Assistant software for your Standard Sharkan.  The manuals are included in the Software Downloads.

ZYX-M Manual - English

It may be necessary to download the drivers for older windows versions so as to successfully link to your USB Port on the Standard SHARKAN models, please click here for the latest Tarot ZYX-M Drivers

To download the Blue Tooth connection module software please cllick here.  Pdf versions of the manual are available in the download.

To download the Mission Planner Software for your Speedwolf or PixHawk custom Sharkan please click here.  

For more detailed instalation procedures and Mission Planning please join the Ardupilot Forum by starting HERE

Click here for the DJI Naza M Lite custom Sharkan Software